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You can make a reservation in person or by phone. With the booking, a rental contract is created between the club and the player "renter", the conditions of which are contained in these rules. Dear Guests, we ask you to observe the following rules in order to ensure the continued provision of cultured sports opportunities! :


  • When using the pitches, it is mandatory to use grips in good condition, light-soled, clean shoes, and the use of appropriate sports clothing.

  • Everyone can use the squash courts at their own risk - knowing their fitness level!

  • Do not disturb others while playing! The sport requires a lot of concentration and a loss of concentration can result in an accident!

  • It is forbidden to bring food onto the slopes!

  • In order to prevent injuries, it is recommended to warm up properly before training.

  • Found items must be returned to the reception.

  • For the sake of a pleasant stay for all of us, please keep it clean!

  • It is forbidden to enter the club when I'm sick, and I also declare that I have no known illness that prevents me from working or is dangerous to others!

  • Our guests are responsible for damages caused by negligence in the club!

  • In case of violation of the House Rules, the violator will be warned, if this does not lead to results, the guest can be asked to leave or excluded from the list of members! The expelled guest who violates the rules may not have any claims against the operator!

  • The pre-booked course can be canceled free of charge 24 hours before the requested time, in case of later cancellation the rental fee will be charged at the counter.

  • Players with a fixed season ticket will not receive a refund if they do not show up at the specified time, cancellations within 24 hours will result in a deduction from the season ticket.

  • The operator assumes no responsibility for valuables left unattended in the changing rooms and in the club, everyone is responsible for their safekeeping.

  • The players are obliged to compensate for the damage they cause.

  • The use of the pitches is at your own risk, the club assumes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur. It is recommended to use protective glasses during the game.

  • It is possible to make a permanent job reservation in person, by signing a declaration to this effect.

  • The purchase of passes and course fees and the use of our services means acceptance of the House Rules! Repeated and deliberate non-compliance with the regulations of the House Rules will result in disqualification! The House Rules are posted at the reception and can also be found on our website, which apply to all guests staying in the volleyball club area.

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